Learn How to Get the Good Gigs from Guitar Cloud Symposium Tips and Insight from Master Guitarists

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Portland, OR – March 2, 2021 – Talented guitarists possess enormous stockpiles of creativity, technique, and heart. What they sometimes lack is the knowledge to deploy those skills into gigs worthy of their talent, ambition, desire, and drive. Getting the Good Gigs — an exclusive online seminar from Guitar Cloud Symposium — delivers all the strategies guitarists will ever need to acquire and retain work as an elite hired gun, or to get on board with a cool local tribute band to just have some fun. In either case, no longer will the absence of vital “inside intel” stop you from thriving in recording studios and on stage.

Presented by Positive Grid, the March 20, 2021 event will divulge the immense, real-world knowledge of GCS founder Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck), along with guitarists Kat Dyson (Prince, Cyndi Lauper), Pete Thorn (Chris Cornell, Don Henley), Jason Fellman (J-Fell Presents, Sterling Talent Agency), and Mundo Juillerat (Las Vegas guitarist for Mamma Mia!, Le Reve). The course serves up invaluable tools for nailing auditions, booking shows, marketing your brand, finding mentors, preparing for concerts and recording sessions, and more. It’s a deep dive into the business of success!

Getting the Good Gigs kicks off at 9:00 am (PST) on Saturday, March 20, with an orientation by Batten, and moves into the following educational modules. (Guitar Cloud Symposium modules are interactive and fluid, so some class subjects may change or evolve as the lessons unfold.)

• Jennifer Batten: The Do’s & Don’ts of Being a Hired Gun, Learning Songs with Peak Accuracy, Effective Implementation of Guitar Effects.

• Kat Dyson: Surrender to the Music: Immersing Yourself in the Artist’s Catalog, Researching Styles: Choosing the Right Gear and Crafting the Right Tone, Being One with the Flow: Ensemble Playing, Listening to the Boss.

• Pete Thorn: Get Out of Your Studio: Integrating into your Music Community, Passing the Audition, Positivity & Self Confidence, Recording and Tone Tips.

• Jason Fellman: Music Business Fundamentals, Marketing Your Act, Cultivating a Fan Base, What Makes a Band “Bookable?”, Legal Matters.

• Mundo Juillerat: The Working Guitarist, Getting into Production Shows (Theater, Corporate, Award, and Television Gigs), Working with Composers and Sound Designers, Recognizing Your Strengths and Making Them Work.

Bonus! Ferocious acoustic guitarist Vicki Genfan leads an energizing “Move Your Body” break after the lunch intermission.

Every guitarist who yearns to forge a solid career out of their guitar mastery—or simply to develop more opportunities to play and interact with other musicians—should not miss this intensive Deep Dive into Getting the Good Gigs. Register now for the March 20, 2021 session now at https://guitarcloudsymposium.com/register

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