GHS New Nickel Plate 5 String Banjo Sets


Battle Creek, MI, 18th October 2017 – GHS is proud to announce their new Nickel Plate 5 String Banjo sets: a wound, nickel-plated steel string compliments the standard plain steel strings, giving these sets a warmer sound with a smoother feel.

GHS has a longstanding relationship with the bluegrass and country music communities and has drawn from that relationship to create these new sets. Available in Light (9-10-12-20-9) and Medium (10-12-16-24-10) gauges, these sets come standard with 42” long plain steel strings, larger loops to fit a variety of tailpieces and GHS’ LockTwist, to make sure your strings stay in tune longer.

GHS Nickel Plate 5 String Banjo sets are available now from your favorite retailer. To find out more about the company, the new Nickel Plate 5 String Banjo string set and all their other products please visit

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