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Lady Gaga Burst Into Tears After Her 2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show

As the world weighs in on Lady Gaga‘s halftime show, there’s one woman who’s so happy she could cry—the star herself. 

After dropping her mic, catching a football and making her grand exit from the stage by jumping off of it, the Grammy winner returned backstage where she was spotted by the locker room bursting into tears. 

“She was so happy with her performance,” a source told E! News.”It was everything and more than what she expected.”

While the songstress had rehearsed all of those aerial flips, according to the insider, Gaga’s moment hugging a fan in the audience was entirely impromptu.

“She is so emotional now and so pleased,” the source added. “She thanked everyone involved with this production. She is so kind and thankful to everyone working with her.”

While a “glowing” Gaga is now busy relishing the success of months of hard work, famous fans are showering the star with praise.

“I want jumping gifs stat! Bravo @ladygaga,” Katy Perry complimented.”YES Gaga!!,” Chrissy Teigen cheered

“I’m gagging over @ladygaga and her halftime show,” Neil Patrick Harris echoed on Twitter. “She was everything. Creative and fearless and inclusive. Loved.”

Meanwhile, she made basketball player Dwyane Wade realize he is one of her little monsters. 

“I didn’t realize I knew any of @ladygaga music,” he tweeted. “I’m now a GAGA fan!!! You did that!”

Credit:  Eonline

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