Canadian Singer-Songwriter Vicki Brittle Releases Music Video For New Single “20 Somethin’”

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Today, Canadian singer-songwriter Vicki Brittle released her compelling new single “20 Somethin’” along with the official music video via Coalition Music

“20 Somethin’” intensely explores the trials and tribulations of becoming who you are and demonstrates how Vicki’s art is fuelled by vulnerability and honest connections with others.

Directed by Paige Foskett, the new video follows Vicki at a party with seemingly cool friends, feeling uncomfortable as she tries her best to fit in and have fun. Surrounded by people she can’t quite connect with, she slowly wanders around until she takes refuge in the bathroom and we watch as party-goers experience the different highs and lows of a house party in their 20s.

“Imagine all your personalities and phases you’ve been through in your 20s all attending a party. The phase of finding love and intimacy, the phase of silence and loneliness, the phase of partying and confidence, the different fashion decisions and the highs and lows, all at the same party,” said Vicki Brittle. “This is that party, welcome to the world of “20 Somethin’”.

Born and raised in the town of Arnprior, ON, Vicki began playing and writing music at a young age, developing her craft at the town’s local hockey games and bars.

Remaining a small-town girl at heart, Vicki released her debut EP, Candy, in 2016, followed by her first full-length set, One Love, in 2019. Vicki also released the emotional single “It’s Only Love” in 2019, which she re-recorded a new stripped-down version of two years later at the Coalition Music’s headquarters. You can watch the live performance video here.

Vicki’s soulful voice accompanied by her richly detailed songwriting has an undeniable charm. This is displayed in her other previous releases, “Sweet Melody,” an effervescent and soulful love letter, and “Come Home,” which captures the essence of missing someone when they are away from home.

Vicki has performed at incredible venues around Canada such as the RBC Ottawa Bluesfest, Cityfolk Festival and Canadian Small Halls Festival, and has opened for established artists including Sass Jordan, Adam Gantier and Jeff Martin. She was also previously nominated for “Album of the Year” by Faces Magazine.

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