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“Chill the fck out” – Alt Pop artist Cat Janice fights cancer

Driving with a fine fusion of emotional integrity and energizing musicianship, songwriter and artist Cat Janice delivers a fresh thread of artistry to the modern music scene. The indie gem presents a skillful balance of soaring vocals, snappy guitar lines, and euphoric synths, for a uniquely immersive take on alt-pop. Proving both exciting and deeply human, Cat’s versatility knows no limits. From the dance-pop rhythms to finely-honed vocals, Cat is equal parts skill and character. Inspired by the likes of Remi Wolf, Benee, and Willow, Cat’s love for music transcends the limits of style. Her songs connect with their strong grooves and confident melodies that feel genuinely fresh.

Born and raised in Northern Virginia by a vastly musical family, Cat took to violin and piano at an early age. What followed was 14 years of classical training, with valuable time spent as part of orchestral productions, jazz bands and theatre shows. The writer/producer explains, “I’m trained in multiple styles of music, I want to use all of it. I don’t want to be defined by a genre. I want to create what I want, write about what I want, and sing in whatever style I want. If there’s anything cancer taught me, it’s that I need to just do what makes me happy. Because at the end of the day, your emotions through creativity is the only thing you’ll be able to leave behind, so say what you want!”

Though Cat’s energy and passion seem unparalleled, her life has not been without difficulties. The creative is fearlessly transparent about her recent battle with cancer, her new songs delving into both the struggles and successes of that journey. Her music and social media posts alike have taken the open road, connecting on an unrivaled level thanks to absolute sincerity and soul.

Her latest single “Chill the fck out” stems from the overwhelming feeling of being stressed out and burning the candle at both ends. The songwriter shares, “I would say to myself “chill the fck out” when I would stress about work or school. Then I finished the song while I was starting chemo and I would be stressed about going into that chapter of my life. “Chill the fck out” kind of became my mantra for getting through that time.” Encouraging listeners to stop overthinking and take a deep breath, the new single radiates with a groovy, fun, danceable beat and relatable, honest lyrics.

Despite her obstacles, Cat’s lust for life is infectious. Her new music is sure to light up the airwaves globally, uniting heartfelt lyrics and electrifying production. With a breadth of musicianship and optimistic grooves, Cat Janice is an unstoppable creative force.

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