Inspirational Country Artist Amanda Hagel Releases Official Music Video for Current Single

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NASHVILLE, TENN. – Inspirational country music artist Amanda Hagel teamed up with Heartland TV as well as for the release of her official music video to her latest single These Roots. The video made its broadcast premiere February 24 on Heartland TV as well as an online premiere on This song is also available on all streaming platforms.

To view the premiere digitally on, click HERE.

Asa profoundly personal and introspective person, Amanda’s authenticity is evident in this music video for These Roots. As the words in the song read “The winds of change have come but the one thing that remains is, all of this love, in These Roots,” Amanda draws her fans in as she truly speaks from the heart and shares a message that is so personal yet so relevant and powerful in our world today.The beautiful lyrics are embellished with imagery of the canvas of flowing wheat fields, prairie grasslands, beautiful blue skies and long country gravel roads in  this video. Filmed during the harvest season in Central Saskatchewan Canada, Amanda tells the story of her upbringing reminiscent of the “roots” of her family, the family farm and the most important legacy left behind.

Produced by Andrea An and Nolita Studios, the video for These Roots is full of meaning for Amanda. There is not a single shot that was not carefully considered. “I love talking about the creativity around the visual component of the music just as much as I love writing and creating the music,” she says. “It’s such a powerful and direct way to connect with an audience on a personal level and for me every detail, large and small, is crucial in establishing that connection and feeling.” Every aspect down to the props used has great significance to Amanda’s upbringing.  Photos of grandparents and parents, the heart shaped locket, vintage truck, and her Gibson guitar are beautiful odes to the journey Amanda has been on to arrive where she is today. The video wraps up beautifully with aerial photos of the actual Hagel farm, while the final shot features a photo of the year she graduated high school and left home to attend college, one that hangs in her own living room to this day. For more information on Amanda Hagel, visit her website and follow along with her on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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