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Megan Knight’s “My Drama” EP is an Addicting Blend of Emotions

June 15th, 2022 (Nashville, TN): This latest EP by Megan Knight brings her vocals, lyricism, and instrumentals together in full force to tell the story of a complicated romance. Her EP has a little bit of everything.

It starts off with “My Drama.” The song has a bit of a rock vibe that gets you moving to the beat from the intro alone. The chorus has Knight accompanied by a male vocalist, and their harmonizing can emphasize the core message of this track and ultimately the EP as a whole: “I can deal with your demons and your trauma/if you can live with me and my drama.”The second track, “Hard Way To Go,” immediately catches the listener’s attention with a crescendoing country/rock riff throughout the song. The track does an excellent job of capturing the feeling of striking out on your own with an uncertain future, paving your path without a clear map to follow.

“Novocaine,” the third track, slows things down slightly with its calmer nature. It gives a bit more of a weighty feel to the narrative. Megan ties in the numbness effect of novocaine and the numbness she feels.

The next track, “Easy To Forget,” has some of the most engaging instrumentality of the whole EP, with a synth-filled start and, later on, a ripping guitar solo that colors the track brightly.

Knight’s EP closes with the track “Take It To The Grave. This song is about how sometimes things are “better left unsaid.” This is a feeling many people can relate to often, and people don’t tell their lovers everything they want to, leaving them feeling “haunted.


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