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Melody Federer shares emotional new song “Deep Blue”

Today, Melody Federer has released “Deep Blue” (Feat. Bensbeendead). “Deep Blue,” Federer’s first fully self-produced track, follows February’s release “I Hate Love,” produced by Absofacto. Both song offerings from Federer are raw, cutting, honest and emotional. Federer puts it all out there, traversing themes from heartbreak, to hate. She puts depression and darkness at the forefront of her newest song, opening the track with the line “I struggle with the deepest blue sometimes.” The song goes on to warn “don’t go swimming and think that that water is clean no matter how deep.”

I struggle with the deepest blue sometimes 

I blame it all on you,

but that’s a lie.

Been running from

the darkness

my whole life.

Don’t know if I was born with it,

comes in shades of deep regret.

Shows me things I can’t forget.

Catchy songwriting, profound lyricism, and veteran songwriting experience have propelled Federer into an instant sensation, taking the digital world by storm creating a buzz on TikTokSpotify (Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds: Pop, Pop EDGE, SALT, teen beats), Apple Music (ALT POP, New In Alternative, New in Pop) and Amazon Music (Breakthrough Alternative, Pop Lab, Hall Of Femme, Fresh Pop).

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