Renee Phoenix (Fit For Rivals) Released New Single “EZPZ” to all major platforms

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Renee Phoenix released her debut single “EZPZ” through Freak Machine Records on June 12, 2021. The single was written by Renee Phoenix, produced by Jordan Nicholas MattacchioneSam Ocheltree and Renee Phoenix.

Renee is currently writing her next EP with a TBD release in 2021.

“EZPZ dives into that primitive, initial reaction we bury within ourselves, that moment before you come to your senses… or don’t. EZPZ is an ode to the visceral anger I used to hold toward those who let me down. ‘Karma’s waiting around, so I’ll do it myself just like everything else.’ This song has helped me let go of my resentment, and I feel that it will resonate with others the same way” says Renee.

Powerhouse frontwoman Renee Phoenix, notably of Fit For Rivals, is a force to be reckoned with. Renee is an award-winning artist who has toured every major US city, from Canada to Qatar with artists such as I PrevailFlyleafHalestorm, and more. Phoenix has played major festivals such as Riot FestWelcome To RockvilleWarped Tour, along with a full circuit of radio promoted shows across the nation.

With over 200 million+ listeners, Phoenix has built an underground empire of support from fans and industry professionals.

Renee is a pivotal representation of the LGBTQ+ community within the hard rock and business world. As CEO of Freak Machine Records, Phoenix aspires to help cultivate artists’ careers both on and off stage, advocating for mental health and those who are underrepresented within the industry.

Upcoming shows:

Nashville, TN – June 18th – Renee Phoenix with The Other LA, Sideline Heroes, and Lydia’s Castle
Charlotte, NC – June 26th – Killakoi, Renee Phoenix, and Living in My Shadow
Huntsville, AL – July 2nd – Renee Phoenix / The Other LA
Clarksville, TN – July 16th – Da BeardedRat’s Anniversary Bash With Renee Phoenix

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