Rising welsh country artist Caitlin Mae set to release EP ‘Perspective’ featuring chart topping single ‘Take My Demons’

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Caitlin Mae is a young country music artist with a talent for songwriting and a charismatic stage presence. Drawing on many experiences that have shaped her life, Caitlin combined emotion and truthful lyricism with an edgy and energising sound that can be a-likened to early Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood.

Throughout the last 12 months, Caitlin has gained an incredible amount of traction and popularity amongst the UK country music scene, blending her infectious personality online whilst connecting people through her music. The debut EP ‘Perspective’ looks to examine relationships from different ‘perspectives, from sadness [Country Eyes] and defiance [Gasoline], to strength [Take My Demons] and Acceptance [Slam the Door].

“PERSPECTIVE means a great deal to me. Not only is it my debut EP but writing it has gone a long way toward exorcising the past and setting me free from the toxicity of my relationship with my older sister.”

‘Country Eyes’ digs deep into Caitlin’s personal experiences of rejection and malice, however, whilst ‘the song is tinged with pain and sorrow, it also offers hope and the promise of new beginnings. ‘Gasoline’ was the first song that Caitlin wrote, from a place of frustration. Caitlin says that ‘Gasoline’ is her way of releasing demons imprisoned during her childhood.

”Take My Demons’ was written from the “PERSPECTIVE” of displaying strength, determination and a deep resolve not to be beaten down. I felt empowered when I wrote this song and the warrior inside me wanted everyone who listened to feel the same.

The final track ‘Slam The Door’ was written in the form of a letter and is Caitlin’s final goodbye to a person who ‘never loved me regardless of how much I loved her.  My “PERSPECTIVE” here is that I can now move on having accepted that our relationship was not meant to be and I can begin to leave the pain in the past.’


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