Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization To Honor Missy Elliott

Grammy Award-Winning Icon Among Celebrated Female Innovators. Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Summit Held on November 15th at The United Nations


The Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization will honor the GRAMMY Award-Winning culture and music icon Missy Elliott at their W.E.D. Summit on November 15, 2019. The summit will be live streamed from the United Nations to 144 countries and 111 top universities around the world. Missy will be honored alongside Global Entertainer Hannah Stocking, and fashion designer pioneer Norma Kamali, WEDO CEO Wendy Diamond, and Chairwoman UN Women + Ambassador of Trinidad/Tobago Penelope Beckles.

The global agenda this year will focus on the impact of Disruptive Technologies, the escalating Climate Change happening globally and the important pivotal role women play. WEDO aims to empower, celebrate, and support women and girls globally to alleviate poverty.

The Annual International Women’s Entrepreneurship Day [WED] convenes at the United Nations in New York City on Friday, November 15th, 2019. The grassroots mission and message is to empower women and girls to become active participants in the economy by igniting a network of women leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs to initiate startups, drive economic expansion, and advance communities around the world. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, WED builds and catalyzes the vital networks of like-minded individuals and organizations that women business leaders need to realize their full potential and change the world.


“Historically, women worldwide have been underpaid, undervalued, underrepresented, underfunded and underestimated. We are dedicated, determined and driven to change this global imbalance,” says Wendy Diamond, Founder of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization. WED convenes business leaders, government officials and civil society in 144 countries & 100 Universities to collaborate and find solutions in critical areas of entrepreneurship eco-systems, education and policy creation to empower women in business worldwide.

Looking ahead, WED will be announcing the following goals on November 15th:

  • WEDO will launch the #ChooseWOMEN initiative on December 4 2019,– this campaign will be the greatest impact for women in business to proclaim the Wednesday after Thanksgiving to be dedicated to WOMEN!
  • The #WED2019 Summit we will announce funding 1000 impoverished women with microloans to start their own entrepreneurial endeavor– Providing a HAND UP not a hand out!
  • WEDO Expanded initiatives in Asia/Australia (Pakistan, China & Indonesia) and the Middle East (Yemen and Morocco)
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