Product Review: Fender Player Stratocaster Electric Guitar

fender stratrocaster in green


The new Player Series line-up by Fender presents iconic Fender models including the Stratocaster SSS, HSS, and HSH in multiple colors that are new and exciting. This series replaces the Mexican Standard Series and holds up the Fender quality reputation for impeccable sound, construction, and most importantly playability. 

Made in Mexico to exacting Fender specifications, these guitars are hard to distinguish from Fender’s high-end American made models and are reachable to a broader audience at a very attractive price at under $700.00. Right out of the box, this instrument was playable with no required set up as typically can happen with a brand-new guitar. The model I selected to review is the Stratocaster SSS in the new Sage Green Metallic finish with a Pau Ferro fretboard, white pickguard, pickups, and control knobs. The neck is smooth and very easy to play with no sound compromise at any fret with any bend. 


The sound is fantastic, and the weight and balance make for a very comfortable play while sitting or standing with it hanging from a strap. This guitar is all Fender with the sounds we have all come to identify as uniquely (Leo) Fender whether playing highs, mid-range or lows…those three single coils bring it home crystal clear at every setting.  

Player Series Stratocaster Features: 

  • Alder body with gloss finish 
  • Three Player Series single-coil Stratocaster pickups 
  • “Modern C” shaped neck profile 
  • 9.5″-radius fingerboard 
  • 2-point tremolo bridge with bent-steel saddles 
  • 22 fret neck 
  • More traditional body – RADII 
  • “F” stamped neck plate 
  • Player series pick-ups – crisp and articulate 
  • Bridge pick up tone control 




Ted Low


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