Zoe Scott Releases Lush, Romantic “Quiet Nights”

Zoe Scott
Photo: Lance Staedler
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Zoe Scott recently released the music video for “Quiet Nights,” a track from her forthcoming album, Shades Of Love, slated to drop October 2.

Zoe Scott
Zoe Scott

Produced by 10-time Grammy winner Moogie Canazio, the album manifests Zoe’s transformation from hard rocking frontwoman in Los Angeles to the purveyor of quixotic, flowing Bossa Nova.

At the age of 18, Zoe left her family in London, moving to Rome, to immerse herself in acting, songwriting, and singing. Later, music beckoned her to Los Angeles, where her powerful voice made her a must-see performer.

But something changed.

Zoe explains, “I remember the hard edges of it all. I loved it at first — the angst, the power, the energy, but simultaneously, I recall how boxed in I felt. I remember the moment I felt ‘this isn’t me anymore’ and I started a journey of self-discovery and healing. With that came new artistic expressions and new ways to see and receive love. When I first heard Antonio Carlos Jobim, I was swept away. I felt his soul through his music; through Bossa Nova and that was it. I had to make this album.”

She refers to her new expression as “feeling in.”

To generate the delicious feel and intimacy of Bossa Nova, Zoe recruited Torcuato Mariano and Daniel Jobim, grandson of Antonio Carlos Jobim, to perform on the album, which delivers scrumptious interpretations of iconic songs.

Talking about her selection process, Zoe says, “I chose each song for personal and artistic reasons. I related to them and each is a snapshot of a part of my journey I wanted to share.”

“Quiet Nights” opens on an elegant piano flowing into a sensuous melody backed by sweeping strings and gentle guitars. Zoe’s warm, evocative tones infuse the lyrics with dreamy amorous timbres as layers of gossamer sonic textures provide the matrix for her lusciously velvety voice.

“Quiet nights ‘n quiet stars, quiet chords from my guitar / Floating on the silence that surrounds us / Quiet thoughts ‘n quiet dreams, quiet walks by quiet streams / Climbing hills where lovers go to watch the world below together.”

“Quiet Nights” conveys the lush sensation and passion of Bossa Nova. Or as Zoe Scott says, “Bossa Nova taught me that there is life in the quiet spaces.”

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