Chopra Partners With J Balvin On New 21-Day Meditation Experience To Advance Personal Transformation Within All Communities And Cultures


Chopra Partners With J Balvin On New 21-Day Meditation Experience “Renew Yourself: Body, Mind & Spirit"

LOS ANGELES, June 24, 2020,/PRNewswire/ — Chopra today announced the launch of an all-new, free 21-Day Meditation Experience titled, Renew Yourself: Body, Mind & Spirit, featuring guided meditations, powerful storytelling and self-care wisdom from wellness pioneer Deepak Chopra and international music superstar and Latin Grammy Award-winning artist J Balvin. The special audio experience focuses on building resilience, finding healing, and creating a new version of our lives and our shared world at a time when we need it most. Registration is now open at or by downloading 21-Day Meditation Experience from the app store.

Renew Yourself: Body, Mind & Spirit is Chopra’s latest bilingual 21-Day Meditation Experience, underscoring the company’s mission to empower, serve, and unite a diverse, global community around self-care and mental health. The program, available in Spanish and English, offers the tools to unlock total well-being as Balvin and Deepak encourage participants to listen to the body, mind, and spirit and move beyond old, limiting beliefs and patterns. Each 20-minute daily meditation opens with guided wisdom and storytelling from Balvin, followed by a meditation session.

The 21-Day Meditation Experience first launched in 2013 with Deepak and Oprah Winfrey and has since become a global phenomenon, with millions of participants and meditation groups around the world. The franchise currently features a catalog of 17 different programs.

, he details his personal struggle with mental health and how meditation saved his life: “What makes mental health universal is that it doesn’t discriminate. It affects all of us. I know that firsthand because I have gone through it myself. I have struggled with anxiety. I have been depressed. Meditation is one of the many ways that I have dealt with my mental health. It saved my life and to me, can be one of the key first steps in achieving mental and spiritual well-being. Meditation is about opening your mind to self-awareness and understanding that your mind is something that needs to be cared for and looked after. And that goes especially for this moment we’re currently experiencing: where the money is so tight for many; health is such a question mark on a global level, and the fight for racial justice is more urgent than ever. When our world is in flux, our mental wellbeing is often one of the first things we neglect. But this should not be the case. In fact, it’s in times like these that mindfulness can help us most. This is personal for me and I am hoping that, with this experience, many more people will explore meditation — and will start letting mindfulness play a role in their daily lives. If we can make our collective world even just a little more in tune with our mental health, then this partnership will have been a huge success.”

“The world is offering us a reset and J Balvin is the perfect partner to help us reach a critical mass of expanded global awareness,” says Deepak Chopra. “Together we will set the stage for a more peaceful, inclusive, just, sustainable, healthy, and joyful world for all. I am indebted to Jose and our Spanish speaking community for this collaboration.”

“At Chopra, we are singularly focused on democratizing well-being and making self-care practices accessible to everyone,” says Tonia O’Connor, CEO of Chopra. “Diversifying our voices and offerings has been a priority for Chopra and our commitment to serving all people, especially those in underserved communities, is more important than ever, as we look for renewal and healing during this trying time. J Balvin is not only a global music icon, but a thoughtful voice who represents what Chopra stands for: peace, unity, empowerment, and acceptance. With meditation already a part of his daily life, he is the perfect partner to help us kick off the newest evolution of the program. This next generation of the 21-Day Meditation franchise will encourage participants to be a part of a changing world that starts from within and will serve as a blueprint moving forward as we partner with other like-minded thought leaders across art, entertainment, and sports. There will be more to come.”

Chopra has partnered with a variety of foundations to help distribute the free program, including the Hispanic Federation, local community organizations in Balvin’s hometown of Medellín, Colombia, and other organizations that serve the Hispanic community outside of the U.S.

The experience is easily accessible from a tablet, computer, or the free mobile companion app and is available at as well as iTunes and Google Play.

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