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Will Appear at the AMA Festival in Nashville –

September 15 – 20, 2105


Hotel Café Record Release Party Set for October 9th


(Los Angeles – September 10, 2015)  Southern California-based Country Americana singer-songwriter, ALICE WALLACE, is set to release her third album – Memories, Music & Pride – out October 9th via California Country Records, the independent label started by Kirsten Proffit & Manda Mosher of CALICO the band.  In fact, Proffit, singer & songwriter for the classic Americana country band, helped co-produce WALLACE’s new album alongside Steve Berns (who also helmed the production on CALICO’s debut).  Proffit and her band mate Aubrey Richmond also contribute background vocals on WALLACE’s record.


WALLACE, whose powerful yet supple vocals and melodic song-crafting skill have helped her garner nominations for Best Country/Americana Artist and Best Live Band from the Orange County Music Awards, views Memories, Music & Pride as a significant step forward. This collection, she believes, bears a more integrated yet all-embracing sound and welcomes both the longtime fan and the new listener.


“This record is more cohesive, as far as style is concerned,” WALLACE says. “I like blues, I like folk, I like country. This one still touches on all of those. I’ve tried to bridge the gap between my influences in old-time country with newer artists like Sturgill Simpson and Jason Isbell, artists who’ve opened my eyes to what modern country can be.”

WALLACE possesses a classic country vibe, but with a distinctive California style. She is inspired by legends like Dolly, Emmy Lou and Patsy Cline, while her style is reminiscent of Patty Griffin, Lucinda Williams and a young Linda Ronstadt.  New sounds extolling timeless emotions. All of the songs on the album were crafted during the past two years WALLACE spent touring the country – most times by herself. The leadoff track, “I Just Don’t Care Anymore” is a rocking, sassy anthem about taking charge of your life in spite of your circumstances. On other tracks, like “Leave”, she delves into the personal side of life on the road and learning to balance the thrill of traveling with the inevitable loneliness that comes along with touring solo. “A Traveling Song” was inspired by chance companions WALLACE made on her first tour through Texas, while “Poor Cleopatra”, inspired by a trip to Jerome, AZ, comes from the perspective of a woman that might have lived during the copper mining town’s heyday, now long past.  On the classic cover of “I Want to Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart,” a 1935 hit by Patsy Montana, WALLACE reflects her Jewel inspiration while channeling back to the style of such earlier yodeling recording artists as Montana, Jimmie Rodgers, and Slim Whitman. She says, “I’ve never done anything in the style of Patsy Montana and I was trying to make it as true as possible to the original.”


WALLACE, a die-hard road dog, played well over 200 live shows last year, from one end of the country to the other.  The remainder of this year looks to be much the same with her first appearance coming September 15-20th at The Americana Music Association Festival in Nashville.  WALLACE will join CALICO the band as a special guest when they showcase their songs on Saturday, September 19th – midnight at The High Watt.

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