Green Hill Music Announces the Launch of emeraldwave

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Green Hill Music is pleased to announce the launch of emeraldwave, a lifestyle brand designed to nurture the human spirit through sound. From creating a harmonious setting for a yoga workout or a focused study session to rebooting with a good night’s sleep, emeraldwave recharges the mind, body and spirit.

Carefully-curated emeraldwave playlists spanning though gentle nature sounds set to music, relaxing guitar and piano, ambient electronic, and more will allow listeners to perfect the at-home spa experience, set up a peaceful work or study session, provide a soundtrack to a rejuvenating workout, or simply relax the day’s cares away.

A peaceful space in a world full of noise, emeraldwave features an immersive and highly-customized experience via its website, with content also available on the emeraldwave YouTube channel and via all popular streaming platforms such as Pandora and Spotify. A full content platform that doesn’t require a subscription to enjoy, emeraldwave gives listeners the opportunity to immerse themselves in various audio experiences perfect for any mood or setting.

Fans of Green Hill Music will find some of their favorite artists among the emeraldwave selections. Grammy-nominated instrumental music icons David Arkenstone and Jim Brickman will both have content featured on the emeraldwave platform. Arkenstone is well known for combining neo-classical, New Age, world, and classical music to create compositions that have made him one of the leading artists of the relaxation music genre for decades. Likewise, Brickman is currently celebrating his 25th anniversary as an artist. His calming and inspiring piano performances have been at the forefront of the relaxation and ambient music genres throughout his career.

“Green Hill has grown so much over the past 25 years, diversifying into a wide range of sounds,” said Green Hill General Manager Blake Davis. “A consistent thread for Green Hill has been the company’s ability to connect with its fans on an emotional level, helping to bring them a sense of calm. emeraldwave is the perfect extension of this ethos.”

The initial launch of emeraldwave will be followed by a range of enhancements and partnerships allowing the fan to completely immerse themselves in the emeraldwave relaxation and chill experience. emeraldwave is an environment curated for serenity, healing, and restoration within and without.

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