“I Blame Love” out now

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“I Blame Love” is the second single from our upcoming album TIME. It combines a little rock, a dash of blues, and a hint of twang to describe the conflict between the head and the heart – with equal parts soul and saunter.

Written by country hit songwriters Casey Kelly (“The Cowboy Rides Away”) and Randy Sharp (“A Tender Lie”), the song was suggested by our violinist/vocalist Aubrey Richmond, who also sings lead on the track. In Aubrey’s own words, “We already had so many great original songs on the album from lead singer/songwriter Suzanna Spring and others within the group, that any outside songs we considered would have to be very special.”

Wanting to pay tribute to the great writers and artists who built the California Country scene, we opened up the discussion to some outside songs and asked Randy if he would send us a few that might be a good fit. When we heard “I Blame Love” we knew it was the one.

Under the guidance of producer Mark Howard, our drummer Suzanna Morissette lays down a deep groove for Aubrey’s sultry vocal melody. Standout electric guitar playing from Sherry Rayn Barnett drives a sense of urgency, while subtle layering of organ and strings give the song an almost hypnotic quality.

Call and response harmonies from Suzanna and our bassist Holly offer the perfect counterpoint and gospel flavor to the finish of this powerful track.

Have you seen our music video for “How Blue” yet?

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