Let Songstress Drew Haley Get You “High in Denver”

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July 2, 2021 (Nashville, TN)- Singer/songwriter Drew Haley released her new single “High in Denver” today. The song is the first taste of what is to come from the artist in 2021.

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“High in Denver” is a departure from Haley’s usual sound while still displaying every ounce of her musical voice. Opting towards more indie instrumentation, “High in Denver” is in its truest form a love song not only towards who Haley sings for but also for the lifestyle of a touring artist. Haley’s cascading vocals during the hook of the song caresses the listener with a warm and inviting feeling that is supplemented by her vivid lyrics of love and adventure. Haley’s new musical identity makes it clear that she lives to serve the song, the most important decision an artist must make if they wish to truly speak to their fans.

“The bills will still be piling up when we get back but in a few hundred miles we won’t care about that,” Haley sings, painting a vivid picture of She flaunts some fantastic runs that are reminiscent of Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey.”

This song is composed of complementary instruments on the left and right channels, providing a wide landscape of sounds throughout the song that beautifully flows with her vocals. Haley has such control over her voice, and the phenomenal vocal runs in the chorus dance around your head long after you turn the song off, her dynamic voice demanding attention while still being wonderfully soft and alluring. The inviting nature of the song makes you feel like you’re on your own getaway to Denver with someone very near to your heart, and whether your ideal form of getting “High in Denver” is taking a trip to see the Broncos at Mile High Stadium, or (legally) blazing up, this song is guaranteed to become an instant hit.
“High in Denver”
Written by: Drew Haley
Produced by: David Spencer and Scotty Murray
Guitar/pedal steel: David Spencer and Scotty Murray
Bass guitar: Jon Murray
Drums: Darren Dodd

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