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Nashville’s AGD Entertainment Announces First-Ever Scholarships to Deserving Teens to Help Make Their Mark in Music Industry

Local Company Helps Undiscovered Young Talent Make Their Mark in the Music Industry; Winners Include 18 Year-Old Damon McKinney "Tae" from Nashville and 18 Year-Old Nicolas Edgerson "Legendary Nedge" from Atlanta

NASHVILLE, TN – AGD Entertainment, an entertainment company at the forefront of innovation for career development in the ever-changing music industry, is thrilled to announce the winners of their first-ever Zero to 60 (ZT60) Scholarship program designed for the developing 16-20-year-old artist. The inaugural recipients include 18-year-old Nicolas Edgerson “Legendary Nedge” from Atlanta, who received the Full Scholarship which covers his nine-month experience with the ZT60 program, and 18-year-old Damon McKinney “Tae” of Nashville, who received a partial ZT60 scholarship. Both now live in Nashville, with Nicolas going to school at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU).

A partnership with national non-profit Notes for Notes (N4N) helped to get the word out to underserved students across the country about this scholarship that provides the funding and guidance needed to help artists thrive in the music industry. Both Legendary Nedge and Tae were active participants in their local N4N programs, and Tae is now a part-time staff member at one of the two N4N centers in Nashville. Notes for Notes has 2 studios in Boys & Girls Clubs in Nashville and is very invested in the Nashville community giving underserved kids FREE access to musical instruments, instruction, and recording studio environments.

Full Scholarship recipient Legendary Nedge is a rap artist who counts his major influencers as Drake and 2Pac. He came from a small town where people tried to hold him back and didn’t accept him because of the clothes that he wore and the way that he talked. He started to use music as an outlet to heal himself from problems like depression and anxiety, and as he says, “I am glad that I went through the hardships that I did, because it made me the artist I am today.”

Legendary Nedge’s current project is his album “Hometown Hero,” which speaks to believing in yourself and not letting people hold you back or hold you down. One of the most powerful songs on the album is called “Runaway.” As the lyrics say: “I’m working 9 to 5 just tryna stay alive, in a city where too many people die. Oh… I’m Dying to Live. I’m Dying to Live. One of these days I’ll Runaway. To a better place….Legendary Nedge – Runaway (Official Lyric Video) – YouTube More information on Legendary Nedge can be found here: https://nicolasedgerson.wixsite.com/legendarynedge

Legendary Nedge’s Performance Video Submitted for the Scholarship is Here: Legendary Nedge (Nicolas Edgerson) Video Submission.mp4

On why the ZT60 Scholarship is important, Legendary Nedge says, “I need financial assistance to participate because I am an independent full-time college student at MTSU with student loans that are accumulating to further my education. The only other income I have access to is funded by my part-time job as a waiter at a local restaurant. So I don’t have enough funds to pay for studio time, piano lessons, engineers, and music videos. This program will help me finish projects I have been working on for years and develop more as a recording artist.”

Partial Scholarship recipient Damon McKinney aka “Tae” says he has been greatly influenced by Pharrell Williams, and his sound has evolved from pop into a Jazz/Hip Hop influenced sound over the years. His Dad got him a drum set when he was 2, and he started taking music seriously at 13. “I really began my journey in music when I was in the 6th grade when I started going to the Notes for Notes studio (in Nashville) and was introduced to the art and craft of creating music,” he says. “It felt really awesome knowing that I was about to start on this path. I’m just really looking forward to helping those who helped me, coming up with those who support me and support them and making music for people to enjoy.”

Tae’s proudest moment to date was at his first year at Bonnaroo in 2018, when through N4N he had the opportunity to be in studio with Billie Eilish and Finneas. As he says, “I was able to show them my work and absorb all the information/advice I possibly could.”

Tae’s Performance Video Submitted for the Scholarship is Here: Tae performance.MOV

On what the Partial ZT60 Scholarship means to him, Tae says, “I’m just going to keep it short and honest. I am currently working 2 jobs and have 2 side hustles selling clothing. All of my money goes towards helping my Mom with bills and other expenses around the house. The little that I do have left after covering necessities, I invest into my craft.”

Zero to 60 by AGD is a day-to-day management service that provides strategy development for recording artists. The ZT60 scholarship tagline is “Imagination Into Action,” and encompasses the motivated artist – the aspiring musician who dreams big and invests in themselves. As the full scholarship recipient, Legendary Nedge will work with a personal coach on an individualized nine-month campaign to release his album project. Along the way, he will benefit from full access to AGD’s team who will help create the visual assets for his release and receive a professional mix/ master on his project. As the partial scholarship recipient, Tae will participate in AGD’s ZT60 program over the nine months, and will work with a personal coach to release his project and hone his skills as a performer.

“We believe that motivated artists should have the opportunity to succeed,” said Nathan Dohse, President of AGD Entertainment and Author of the Zero To 60 Program.  “Finances should not be the main cause preventing success as an artist. We are thrilled to be able to offer AGD’s services to Legendary Nedge and Tae and to support them in their creativity to reach their full potential as artists.”

“The ZT60 Scholarship Program is something we’ve envisioned since we started AGD, and we’re so glad to make this happen now,” added Timothy Dohse, Vice President and Co-Founder AGD Entertainment.  “We are so excited to elevate Legendary Nedge and Tae’s incredible talent and look forward to the impact this will have within our community and the greater music industry.”

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