Summer NAMM 2017: Wrap-Up


Somnium Guitars

We first met the minds behind Somnium Guitars at Winter NAMM 2017 in Anaheim, CA.  There were here in Nashville showcasing their Transforma Series and Soundcore Series.  They have a pretty cool concept for their guitars.  I wasn’t able to see them in action, so I can’t attest to the sound, but would definitely like to check them out.  The Transforma Series has four different models which feature a quick-swap pickup cartridge, quick-swap body wings, interchangeable bridges, and machined aluminum core.  They come with EMG pickups Hipshot tuners, Dunlop Strap Locks, and GHS Strings.  Their Soundcore Series’ guitars and bass models are made of a solid wood body, with the quick-swap pickup cartridge and the same standard components as the Transforma Series.  If you were a fan of Transformer toys when growing up, you can definitely channel your inner child!


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