Summer NAMM 2017: Wrap-Up


Kyser Musical Products

Kyser Capos at Summer NAMM 2017The family-owned company is led by female business owner and guitar player Meredith Hamlin, niece of the original designer and owner Milton Kyser.  He started the business in 1974 with the mission to build a better capo and the result was the Quick-Change capo.  These capos

Diamond Dixie at Kyser Booth SNAMM2017
Diamond Dixie at Kyser Booth SNAMM2017

are manufactured in Texas and are “forged by the hands of master craftsmen” according to the Company.  The concept of the Quick-Change capo is that it allows the player to transpose their guitar in seconds, with only one hand.  They make capos for electric guitars, acoustic guitars, 12 string guitars, classical guitars, ukuleles, banjos, and mandolins and come in a variety of colors from standard primary colors to bright silver sparkle, red bandana, camo, tie dye, and even an American flag inspired capo called Freedom.  There’s also a Short-Cut capo for songs written with chord progressions E,F#m,A,B or G,D,Em,C.  And for those play in Drop D, there’s a capo for that, too.  Not only does Kyser manufacture capos, they also carry a line of accessories for guitar players including tuners, cleaning products for instruments and strings, humidifiers, and guitar straps.  Stay tuned for our review of their capos.  Performing at their booth were sisters Diamond Dixie.


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