There seems to be a growth in popularity of pick grip products and I recently tried Monstergrips. They are a small, clear circular shaped silicone grip that you apply to your pick. You really can not see it, which is my favorite thing about this grip, so it is not distracting.
Having seen the wonderful line of LUNA guitars at the recent National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) show in Anaheim, CA, I was jazzed to review the LUNA Henna Oasis Spruce Top Acoustic Guitar - Model HEN 02 SPR.
Ernie Ball’s most popular and affordable acoustic string, the 2004 Earthwood 80/20 bronze acoustic guitar strings are crafted from 80% copper, 20% zinc wire wrapped around a hex-shaped tin plated steel core wire. The light strings are perfect for beginner fingers, but are also great for advanced players that may prefer to bend them while playing. The sound is crisp to the ears, yet carries a mellow, almost bass-like tone. But like most guitar strings, they will need to be changed out in several weeks of playing otherwise they will start to sound dull and will lose their sharpness. Also, be aware that because they are on the lighter side, they may have a tendency to snap easier than heavier strings.
As a predominantly rock guitarist, when I was asked to review the Luna Henna Oasis Spruce guitar, I thought I was going to review an electric guitar - cool. The box looked the right size and its weight was comfortable. When I got to my studio, I put it with my other guitars. Personally, I like to get to know a guitar before I write about it, so I spend time with it and really get to know its personality (and its secrets).
"To craft fine stringed instruments with artistic sensibility that are comfortable, affordable, and inspire people of all ages and walks of life on their musical journey." --Luna Guitars’ Mission Every girl needs a pink guitar, and it is great to be...
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Timber Tones Luxury Picks is a British pick manufacturer that produces luxury guitar picks. The picks are made from various natural materials, including wood, precious metals and stone. Their website has over 15 categories to choose from. I tried two picks, the Timber Tones Electric Guitar Pick in Bloodwood and a Jazzy Tones Green Bone pick. I never thought I would call a pick beautiful, but both picks were unique and the coloring was amazing. I felt like they were pieces of art. I would like to state here that since I am a vegetarian, I don’t feel comfortable using picks make of bone or any animal byproduct, but really loved the wood and stone picks.
By Steve McKinley for Guitar Girl Magazine
All guitarists need a tuner, whether you are a pro or beginner. I know there are a few exceptions to the rule as some guitars have built-in tuners, like my Luna Americana, but most acoustics do not have a...
There are so many brands of guitars to choose from, I think it can be overwhelming. I have tried many from Martin to Taylor to Luna, I am one of those people that the salespeople who make commissions hide...