Award-Winning Group The Isaacs Invited to Join The Grand Ole Opry

Becky, Lily, Sonya, Ricky Skaggs, Ben The Isaacs © Grand Ole Opry / Photos By: Chris Hollo
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The multi-GRAMMY®-nominated Dove Award-winning The Isaacs, members of the Gospel Music Hall of Fame, were surprised on stage at the Grand Ole Opry tonight by Opry member Ricky Skaggs with an invitation to become official Opry members. The group will be formally inducted into the Opry family on Tuesday, September 14. This Friday, August 13, The Isaacs release their new album The American Face.

Isaacs members Becky, Ben, Lily, and Sonya were marking the release of their new album The American Face when Skaggs approached them on stage with framed artwork of the album. Reading an inscription in the framed material, Skaggs said, “PRESENTED TO THE ISAACS ON AUGUST 10, 2021 TO COMMEMORATE THE RELEASE OF THE NEW ALBUM ‘THE AMERICAN FACE’ AND TO CELEBRATE YOUR INVITATION TO BECOME OFFICIAL MEMBERS OF THE GRAND OLE OPRY.” Then he followed with, “Do you say yes?”

“Yes, of course we will marry you!,” Sonya said laughing. “I’m crying my lashes off. I’m celebrating 50 years of singing and performing music. This is the American dream,” shared Mom Lily to which Ben exclaimed, “I’m shaking so bad I can hardly talk but I’m crying my lashes off too.” And Becky closed with, “We will take the Opry everywhere we go and hope to make them proud.” The group then performed the title track off their new album.

“The Isaacs are musical treasures. They are family,” said Opry Vice President and Executive Producer Dan Rogers. “I think, ‘man, is our audience lucky tonight’ every single time they take our stage. We’re honored they love the Opry like they do, and I am excited about the prospect of them delivering their powerful songs from the Opry circle for years to come.”

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