Greg Hill, Laurel Kittleson-Cobb and Emily Olson Launch Dream 3 Publishing


Nashville, TN (October 28, 2022) – Greg Hill, Laurel Kittleson-Cobb, and Emily Olson are joining forces for a brand new publishing company. Dream 3 Publishing launched by the industry vets boasts a combined over five decades of experience in all different faucets of the industry, involvement with countless number ones, and being instrumental in the careers of some of the country’s biggest stars. The boutique publishing company is dedicated to partnering with writers and building a publishing company that focuses on great writers, great songs, and developing talent.

Olson will run the day-to-day publishing operations including setting up co-writes and pitching songs. Kittleson and Hill will continue running their businesses and will filter in talent with the writers of Dream 3.

“I couldn’t be more proud to partner with Laurel, an A&R person who has an extensive track record of successful signings, and Emily, a publisher who has been a part of some of the biggest hits of the last few years,” explains Hill. “I started out in publishing and transitioned to management but never lost the love of songs and songwriters. I’m excited to see what we create bringing together our different perspectives and experiences.

“When Greg approached me with the notion to start a publishing company, I told him we HAD to bring in Emily Olson.  I’ve always loved her genuine passion for songs and the songwriter,” explains Kittleson-Cobb. “The three of us met to discuss what type of publishing company we’d like to create together. We each have different strengths from our varying experience in the industry and, together, we will be able to give our writers the best opportunity to succeed.”

“I met Laurel 17 years ago at Belmont in my Computer 101 class and she has been one of my most favorite people since then, she is the absolute best in town when it comes to artist development and A&R. Greg’s creative strategies and passion for people and songs inspire me and fire me up so much. I admire them and could not be more excited to get to partner with Laurel and Greg,” says Olson. “This is my dream team and we are building something so special!”